Booking Conditions

When making a reservation through this Web Site (the web site you are accessing booking), you and your companions expressly accept, without reservation, these terms and conditions.
Over the intervening figures:
You. (Hereinafter TRAVELER) is making the reservation directly with the chosen accommodation (hereinafter ACCOMMODATION).
This Website is a mere intermediary that exposes the property at the request of ACCOMMODATION own. And no liability for the TRAVELER make reservations. Unless the WEBSITE is ACCOMMODATION itself, in which case both figures are understood as the same.
AvaiBook Online SL (hereinafter AVAIBOOK), Spanish company incorporated with CIF ES-99279622, is the owner of an independent computer system on-line reservations that both LODGING as WEB SITE been chosen to manage reservations.
The AVAIBOOK system guarantees an independent and secure management of the reserves, providing a standard framework for establishing commitments both as TRAVELER ACCOMMODATION, with the hope that this framework will serve to secure reservations for both parties. In case of non-compliance with any of these conditions AVAIBOOK shall in no case responsible, but directly ACCOMMODATION and / or TRAVELER. In which case AVAIBOOK try to facilitate a solution by any means were within their means.

The contractual relationship arising from its reserve is formalized directly between the TRAVELER and ACCOMMODATION. And ACCOMMODATION is solely responsible for the products and / or services contracted.

The data shown ACCOMMODATION in this process have been introduced directly by the owner ACCOMMODATION, so the AVAIBOOK Website and are not responsible for any errors or omissions that may affect both the fruition of booking and the stay client.
The booking process requests all information necessary for you to enter into such contract, including the dates of entry and exit, and data TRAVELER as head formalizing the reservation. And the TRAVELER is responsible for entering the data correctly, and check information on dates and information ACCOMMODATION.
The owner / manager ACCOMMODATION can choose from the reservation process work in On-request mode (on request) or on-line mode (Instant Confirmation), and this is indicated in the booking process itself.
In On-request (on request) thus completing the process an immediate pre-booking is obtained and awaits acceptance / rejection of it by the ACCOMMODATION, held within a period of 24 hours, and the TRAVELER is notified of the decision by email. And if accepted prereservation, automatically charged the advance (if it has been set by the BED) on the card provided when booking.
In case the work ACCOMMODATION On-line mode, the process does not have to go through the acceptance / rejection by the ACCOMMODATION, but confirmation of reservation is only pending the advance payment is confirmed.
For confirmation of the reservation must pay a deposit, which corresponds to a portion of the total amount of the reservation and is determined by the ACCOMMODATION, plus any management fees for the management of the reserve. These amounts are broken down in the booking process.
The booking process itself can offer various payment methods to VIAJERO for payment of the advance. And the payment methods displayed are chosen by the ACCOMMODATION, and payment gateways are provided by AVAIBOOK within the reservation system, as a technical resource further ACCOMMODATION. And in which case payment is validated by the AVAIBOOK system automatically. Thus providing a validation of an independent system to ACCOMMODATION confirming that payment.
Depending on the payment method chosen the TRAVELER has a limited period of time (term is reported to VIAJERO) which has to make the payment, and must be able to be validated by AVAIBOOK (automatically and instantaneously if it is a form of online payment -card or PayPal-, or delayed if it is not a form of payment online -transfer bancaria-). If such payment is not validated within the reservation will be automatically canceled and be notified by email when TRAVELER. And in this case, any amount already paid (assuming a payment made but has not been validated in time) will be returned to VIAJERO but will not get the booking confirmation.
Once confirmed the advance payment, TRAVELERS receive an e-mail and will be presented on screen the voucher, where contact details ACCOMMODATION and all necessary information is indicated.
The TRAVELER should print and keep this voucher for presentation at the reception office ACCOMMODATION and submit any other documentation that prompted during the booking process or the e-mail you receive.
The remaining amount of the reservation (in case the ACCOMMODATION be set lower to the entire reservation deposit) will be paid directly to the ACCOMMODATION in the manner and time as advised by the same, and independently of the process booking. The remaining amount may be varied from that specified in the voucher if use of certain services is not expressly included in the reserve (fixed type cleaning costs or possible extras).
The price includes
The price is per stay and accommodation normal consumption of water, gas and electricity, bed linen and towels, cookware, dishes and utensils necessary to inhabit the ACCOMMODATION is as defined by the ACCOMMODATION itself and is independent in any case AVAIBOOK. All this unless otherwise specified in the
Goodies not selected in the booking process or additional services not expressly stated in the voucher or tab ACCOMMODATION, to be hired and paid on arrival. Nor VAT 10% or e limpuesto turistico.e includes all applicable taxes
Any bond set by the ACCOMMODATION.
The number of persons occupying the ACCOMMODATION may not exceed the capacity stated therein, except for babies (under 3 years) capacity. And if not indicated maximum capacity will be understood as the result of 2 people double or twin bed, and 1 for single or extra bed.
The LODGING may refuse to admit the entry of persons above the contracted capacity, with no right to any claim for this reason.
The animals are permitted only if expressly stated in the booking conditions ACCOMMODATION or by agreement with the owner of ACCOMMODATION. If this rule is violated, the ACCOMMODATION may require the eviction without compensation to you.
The TRAVELER is committed to maintaining ACCOMMODATION clean, tidy and in the state in which it was delivered. Also agree to follow the instructions for use and maintenance as indicated ACCOMMODATION own and respect the regulations in terms of noise, garbage disposal, water consumption etc ... community, environment or building where you are .
Failure to follow these rules to require ACCOMMODATION empowers the eviction without compensation and the payment of compensation for damage, which may be taken out of the bond.
Key collection is made in the address and date specified on the voucher.
If arriving outside of these hours or on a weekend or holiday, you should contact the ACCOMMODATION to coordinate the delivery of keys, being obligatory warning of the arrival time. If not, or that the arrival does not occur within hours provided ACCOMMODATION side is able to dispose of the reserved accommodation, reservation and cancellation without compensation for TRAVELER.
Contact details ACCOMMODATION found in the voucher.
The platform provides a framework AVAIBOOK trusted ACCOMMODATION and TRAVEL, serving as "trusted third party" which protects the advance to ensure that the cancellation policy ACCOMMODATION configured, and which determines the date until which the TRAVELER can cancel entitled to refund the deposit (AVAIBOOK case where such management is responsible for making the return to -excluded TRAVELER management fees are € 50 + 2% of the payment if payment has been or transfer card, or € 50 + 3.4% advance for payments using PayPal, plus any commission portal * -). From this date the advance is made available and protected by the ACCOMMODATION and apply, if any, the specific conditions of cancellation it may have, or a private agreement between TRAVEL and ACCOMMODATION.
* Eventually there may be a commission "non-returnable" by the website, in cases of reservations initiated from website, in which case the commission is considered within the "management fees".
- You can cancel entitled to refund the deposit (minus expenses) before within 3 days of making the reservation.

In this case, the cancellation policy is as follows ACCOMMODATION:
Specific policy cancellations of accommodation: Book nonrefundable fee SPECIAL special election bid

Pol. Cancel. particular:
The service fee the central reservation is non-refundable
A reservation is not officially canceled until the guest do not click the button on the page cancellation or cancellation request that the Board be sent by email.
Cancellation policies may be invalidated by the guest Refund Policy, cancellations for security reasons or some force majeure. In any case, taxes and applicable fees are retained.

For a refund of 50%, the guest must cancel your reservation at least 40 full days before check local guest arrival to accommodation (or 15:00 if not specified).
To obtain a refund of 25%, the guest must cancel your reservation at least 30 full days before check local guest arrival to accommodation (or 15:00 if not specified).
If the guest cancels less than 20 days in advance, the unused nights or prepayments, are not refundable.
If the guest arrives and decides to leave early, the nights not enjoyed will not be refunded.

AVAIBOOK act as an impartial mediator between the two sides, controlling at all times which is the resolution that corresponds to cancellation pursuant to such cancellation policy supported by both parties at the time of booking. And for that whenever a cancellation communicate to both parties the resolution that corresponds interpreting the cancellation policy here reported and accepted by the parties to confirm the reservation occurs.

AVAIBOOK manage the repayment of the advance to VIAJERO in case of a cancellation by the deadline. If a cancellation after that period expires management will be made directly by the ACCOMMODATION, according to their particular conditions if any, or according to special agreement that is reached between ACCOMMODATION and TRAVEL, in which case AVAIBOOK has no liability management .

The ACCOMMODATION accepts and authorizes AVAIBOOK manage funds received from a reserve in accordance with the terms of the cancellation policy and guarantees reported here.

The TRAVELER agree that an eventual return AVAIBOOK detract Management Expenses plus commissions incurred in the management of this operation and will be reported as both TRAVELER Owner if cancellation occurs.

Whatever the cancellation policy in effect and accepted by both parties at the time of booking, AVAIBOOK always allows both parties to reach a bilateral agreement which can resolve the issue.

AVAIBOOK always keeps track of the current cancellation policy and accepted by both parties at the time of booking, the data show that both parties admitted, as an impartial body and made available to both parties or their legal representatives, as well as any government agency so requires, such records demonstrating the commitment by both parties at the time of booking.
As an impartial technical tool for the booking process, AVAIBOOK allows ACCOMMODATION validations that provide security and guarantees to VIAJERO. Validations and guarantees provided by this ACCOMMODATION are:
Contract signed: the express contractual terms and conditions of use AVAIBOOK (maintenance calendar always updated in order to avoid overbooking) have been accepted as follows:
Implicit acceptance by registering AVAIBOOK
ACCOMMODATION Validation: Validation of physical existence of the housing in the direction indicated in the summary:
Total fraud Warranty: accommodation may voluntarily provide consistent antifraud guarantee that AVAIBOOK retains the money of the advance payment and you do get two days after arrival. This warranty is only applicable for bookings paid by payment "through AvaiBook".

Cancellation policy: the ACCOMMODATION is committed to a policy of certain cancellations and management thereof as defined in clause CANCELLATION POLICY.

Maintaining continuously updated calendar of availability of AVAIBOOK avoids the possibility of overbooking in ALOJAMIENTOS working with this system, but if any, the OWNER will give priority to the reservation made through the AVAIBOOK or otherwise, shall provide the TRAVELLER accommodation of equal or superior quality for the same cost for the desired dates, taking over the management of the new accommodation booking himself.

If that option is not possible, or TRAVELER not accept the change, the booking will be canceled and you will be reimbursed all monies paid in advance of the total reservation. Such reimbursement shall direct responsibility of the OWNER, and if the advance was retained by AVAIBOOK request of both PARTIES out AVAIBOOK Anyone who commits a refund directly to TRAVELER, provided the fees charged by AVAIBOOK shall be deducted.
This accommodation has defined a Special Conditions reserve the VIAJERO have read and accept the fact of making a reservation, and be applicable to the extent they do not contravene the general booking conditions expressed in this same document, which shall prevail in case of conflict: € 150
The personal data provided by you are you treated according to the terms of the Data Protection AVAIBOOK ( point 11), as the technical tool through which manages the reserve.
These data are made available ACCOMMODATION so you can make the requested service. And ACCOMMODATION commits itself to make proper use of the data according to the law.
In all matters not provided for in these conditions shall apply in any case, legislation that corresponds to the ACCOMMODATION in question.

The parties expressly waive the privilege that by law could apply, submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the city that corresponds to ACCOMMODATION concerned to resolve any problems arising from the application and interpretation of this contract .